A wagon train is a train that makes you poop

A wagon train is a train that makes you poop

It was a good day for the Australian potty train.

It was raining outside and the train was busy, but it was also doing what the Australian public was expecting: training wheels.

I’ve got my own wagon train, and I’ve got a little guy on my lap, so I’ve just got to keep him moving and not have him sitting there with a wet face.

That’s what I’ve been doing for the last few days, so we’ve had a really good run.

The train was on the move from the Northern Territory to Melbourne’s west, and after a rough ride in the rain, the train finally got to its destination, the Gold Coast, on Saturday morning.

The train was travelling at speeds of up to 90km/h and it had a capacity of 3,000 passengers.

But it was not a routine train, because a few hours before the train left, the owner of the train company contacted the NT Police to ask for a warrant to search his premises.

NT Police were called in, and on Sunday, the NT High Court heard the owner had a “well-known drug and firearms” problem.

He was arrested on charges of two counts of trafficking a prohibited firearm, and one count of possession of a prohibited weapon.

When the court heard the charges against the owner, he said he was not the owner.

“My name is Brian O’Dwyer and I’m the owner,” he said.

“[It] is my duty to tell you the truth, and it is my right to do so.”

The court heard that he also told police he had been to prison before, and was trying to rebuild his life.

O’Dwarkers legal team had argued that the NT police had no grounds to search the premises, and that the owner was not at risk of violence, or violence by other inmates.

They argued the police were entitled to search O’Donoughys home, and were not in possession of any evidence against him.

At the end of the day, the judge agreed with O’Devos legal team, and told him to make his defence.

What happens now?

O’Donnells lawyer, Paul O’Byrne, told the ABC that the judge’s decision would have no bearing on the outcome of the case.

“The law is not changed,” Mr O’Brien said.

“Mr O’Connor is innocent, he’s never been charged, and he’s not a criminal.”

“The court was not looking at a question of legal power.

The court was looking at his own behaviour and his own mental health.”

Odds of conviction were not high, so the case will be decided by the Supreme Court of Australia.

This story has been updated to include details of the trial.

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