Bike trainer Mike Tyson teaches a dog new tricks as he rides a cycle

Bike trainer Mike Tyson teaches a dog new tricks as he rides a cycle

Bike trainer and cycling trainer Mike Tyson has trained his three-year-old dog, Cyops, to help him prepare for a road race, and now has a new toy on the menu for the trainer.

The dog was trained by Cyops’ owner, Chris Fong, on the new training method of using his “backside as a training tool”, and the trainer says he has no doubt Cyops will do well on the road.

“He’s an extremely well-behaved dog,” Mr Fong told ABC News.

“We’re not talking about a dog who goes and eats a banana.

It’s a really good dog.”

The dog, which has been trained to help Cyops prepare for an event, will be on the track when the Australian and New Zealand teams meet in Melbourne next week.

Cyops was trained to assist Cyops in a bike race, but now Mr Fon hopes he will help him race a track race.

Mr Fon said he wanted Cyops to race a bike event because he was keen to “see him win”.

“He was always going to get in the best shape,” Mr Wong said.

“I wanted him to race the bike.

I wanted him in good shape.”

The Australian and NZ teams will meet in the Melbourne Open on August 25.

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