How to Find an Athletic Trainer job in the New York City area

How to Find an Athletic Trainer job in the New York City area

A former student of the renowned sports science program at Duke University, I had always been fascinated by the way athletes perform their athletic endeavors.

I was even a bit of a sports nut.

I began my undergraduate career studying sports psychology, a branch of physical education science.

I quickly realized the potential of sport training to be a fantastic therapeutic tool to enhance athletic performance.

After a short time, I discovered a wealth of athletic-specific training and education resources available online and in print.

With my wife, we spent our summers as a professional athletic trainer, as well as a couple of summers in the Olympic Village in Brazil.

After our graduation from Duke, we returned to the States, and our first real foray into athletic training was at the CrossFit Games in Austin, Texas.

We had our first big training camp, and we immediately started working with the athletes, coaches, and other fitness experts at CrossFit Austin.

It was a wonderful experience, and it gave me the confidence to move into the professional sports coaching realm. 

As I moved into my first coaching role, I started to get involved in the larger community.

I joined the Sports Medicine Institute at Ohio State University and soon began to collaborate with a number of other sports psychologists.

During my time at Ohio, I worked with coaches, trainers, and athletic trainers to help them understand their athletes’ needs, and to identify key variables to help the athletes achieve their best.

Over the years, I have met many people who share my passion for sport and I hope they will share mine as well.

My favorite athletes and coaches I have been privileged to work with include: Travis Coen, US Men’s Track & Field Coach (2008-2012) Jordie Bellamy, University of Alabama (2016) Nicklaus Woods, US Olympic Track and Field Team (2016-2017) Alexey Vassilyev, US Track &field Team (2017)Travis and I have enjoyed our time in the athletic field and hope to continue to do so in the future.

I have also been fortunate to be fortunate enough to work for many great organizations, such as the American Cancer Society, the National Association of Basketball Coaches, and many others.

I am grateful for my time working with athletes and their families, and for being able to provide some of their best training experiences.

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