How to keep your kids warm in a freezing cold train station

How to keep your kids warm in a freezing cold train station

How to get your children comfortable and cozy in a train station and at home?

Theres a good chance they wont be too cold during their stay in Rome.

This article explains how to keep them warm and warm for the winter.

I think theyre the same for all children but I cant explain it to you.

I just wanted to explain it here, but you may find it useful.

I always like to take a few pictures of our children while we walk around the train station or outside of our house.

When I get them I like to use my smartphone and record the last moments of our stay together.

When theyre not home I take the time to use the train to go shopping and maybe grab some snacks.

You can check the video below and you will notice that theres more space than usual, so theres no real need to leave them in the station! 

When they are not in the train, I have to spend some time with them to help them get used to the cold. 

I usually take my little boy to a small restaurant that is in a corner of the station.

When we walk there, we take our children to a big, big table.

It is always good to give your children something to look at. 

When we walk to the restaurant, the children dont really get used much to the people and they dont like being at home.

They will not understand what the people do and I will have to explain things to them. 

At some point in the evening, we decide to go back to our hotel to have dinner with our family.

At that point I have my smartphone ready, so I can record the next few minutes. 

Once the dinner is over, I usually go to my room and write down my kids’ names.

This will make it easier when they come back to visit us later. 

Sometimes, my son will be very excited and start playing with my phone and theresnt much time left for the next meal. 

So, I try to explain the important points of the journey to my kids when theyre back at home with me. 

One of my sons likes to walk through the station and then jump into the train and then run away.

He gets excited and wants to jump in the trains back to his house. 

This is not so hard to do, so it works for all of our boys. 

It is important to get them to understand what happens when they leave home.

I think that helps them get over it and relax a bit. 

As we walk the train together, theres a little bit of noise from other people. 

Theres usually one or two other kids around who walk around as well. 

Every once in a while, we can get the kids to sing a song together. 

We usually start by telling them how it feels to be alone, how they should get their clothes, how theres plenty of water in the restaurant. 

Eventually, they will start singing a song like “Monsieur le Chien” or “I love you”. 

After they sing a few songs, we try to make a big deal about the fact that we are going home and that we dont want them to cry. 

These are things that we tell them in a small way, so they dont cry and start to cry in front of the others. 

In order to calm them down and keep them calm, we start to ask them to sing songs about love. 

“Monsies” and “Mouvements” are a good example. 

 These songs are very different from the ones they sing at home, so this helps them to think about it a bit more and to make themselves understand how we feel. 

On a cold night in a hotel, when we are out in the cold, we cant keep our eyes open all the time. 

If youre not paying attention to the other people around you, youll start to think they arent watching your every move. 

Thats why it is so important to listen to the music that we sing together and not be afraid to sing about things like our families, or about our friends, or our children. 

After all, they are just doing their jobs and we dont expect them to make any mistakes. 

My kids love the music of the city, especially “La bienfait”, so they sing it in a special way whenever they have the chance. 

They also sing it very often during the day. 

For some reason, they have been singing this song every night for a long time.

I find it very calming to listen and to know that theyre doing it. 

While they are singing the song, we get up and leave our seats. 

Some of my friends do the same. 

Our house is always packed, so we have to move around to find places to sit. 

But, we dont need to do that every night. 


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