How to Train Your Boys to Be Pee Trainers

How to Train Your Boys to Be Pee Trainers

A recent article in the British newspaper The Guardian claimed that a new class of male toilet training boys is being developed to help them improve their self-esteem, with the aim of being able to “manage the transition from young to adult”.

The article claims that the boys in the class, dubbed the “Potty Trainers” by The Guardian, will be trained in the basics of toilet training, such as “when to use the toilet”, and the “rules and etiquette of the toilet”.

The training is reportedly being offered at the “British” school that was founded by renowned toilet training expert, Dr John Bostock, and is currently run by the American firm, Poo-Tut.

While it is not clear if the men in the classes are being taught to pee by Poo-Trainers, the idea of training boys to be able to use a toilet is certainly appealing.

The concept of toilet trainers is not new, as the internet has already seen a huge rise in the popularity of the concept, with many internet users taking to the forums to discuss the training.

While the “potty trainers” concept may not be as popular as the idea that there is a secret secret way to make yourself into a superman, the concept of training men to be “managers” of their bodies is certainly something worth exploring.

Potty training in schools is not a new concept.

In the UK, there are more than 500 toilet training schools operating across the country, and they are also a part of the National Curriculum.

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