How to use your Bluetooth to fly the skies

How to use your Bluetooth to fly the skies

The air is no longer the limit for the flying hobbyists out there.

They have also invented a Bluetooth-enabled trainer that lets you do the same.

The new flying trainer, called aero, is part of a new trend that’s being pushed by aviation enthusiasts to train their flying skills with less-than-ideal aircraft.

It’s not a bad idea, said Kevin Sadowsky, an aviation enthusiast who founded a flying club at his company, Sadowskys Fly.

“You can use your own aircraft, you can use other aircraft and you can do what you normally do,” he said.

“The reason it’s different is that you’re not limited to the ground anymore.”

Sadowsky and a team of pilots from the US and Europe have developed a training system that’s more affordable, easy to operate and can also train with your own hands.

The Aero Trainer is a single-rotor aircraft that can be flown on the ground or on the water using its small wings.

It has a canopy, two wheels and a gyroscope for flight.

Aero is a Bluetooth app that can use any device to connect to the Aero Trainer.

The app connects to your phone using Bluetooth, and can then send commands to the aircraft.

“We want to use our aircraft as a trainer, to train our pilots and our aircrews,” said Sadowske, who is also an FAA certified flight instructor.

Aeroplanes are becoming more and more popular, and there are now many ways for them to be used.

The Aero Trainer can be used for training pilots, instructors and aircrew.

It can be set up to fly in an airport, on a golf course or on a beach.

And the Aero Trainers are more than just a training tool.

You can also use it for recreational flying, like taking a flight on the local golf course.

You can also fly it on the beach, and that’s another big attraction for the Aero trainers.

“They can be a great way to have fun,” Sadowski said.

“They’re a great device for those that like to fly.

They’re not just for recreational.”

The Aero Trainer uses a battery pack that has a microprocessor that keeps it running smoothly.

When you’re training with it, you’ll have the ability to adjust your settings.

“With this device, you don’t have to have a lot of power to fly,” Sadowkski said of the device.

“You don’t need to be really powerful, but you do need to have an airframe that has enough weight that it can sustain the weight of the Aero trainer.”

Aero Trainers can also be used as a way to improve your flying skills.

Sadowski and his colleagues are now trying to develop a more advanced training system with more sophisticated features.

They’ve put a Bluetooth module on the back of the unit to let you control it remotely.

The device can be controlled remotely from any smartphone, tablet or computer, and it’s also Bluetooth-capable.

You’ll need an internet connection, however, for the device to work.

“There’s an update coming soon that will allow us to add more features and functionality to the app,” Sedesky said.

But the Aero Training system is not just focused on training pilots and instructors.

You also have the option to fly with the Aero Team and a number of other aviators.

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