Training in the Netherlands, with a new name, starts Friday

Training in the Netherlands, with a new name, starts Friday

The Nike Training Club has announced the launch of a new training facility in the Dutch city of Rotterdam.

The facility will include indoor training areas, a full-time nutritionist and a full range of equipment.

It is being developed with the help of the Dutch Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, which will work with Nike to deliver training in the city.

The building is being built in partnership with the company, and is expected to open in March 2020.

The Nike training centre will be operated by the company’s training company, Nike Training Academy, which is a subsidiary of the Nike Group.

The training facility is part of a $50-million investment in the area, which was announced in December.

Nike Training will have a staff of about 200 people, including a nutritionist, a trainer and a nutrition specialist.

The new training centre, which Nike says will be “the largest and most comprehensive Nike training facility” in the world, will be located in a park near the Royal Dutch Airlines stadium.

The site of the new training site is on the outskirts of the city centre.

It will be part of Nike’s ongoing effort to attract more people to the training facility.

The former Nike training grounds in London are expected to close in 2019, and Nike will be looking to the Netherlands to fill the void.

The company is expected take advantage of the increased tourism revenue from the area and offer a “fantastic environment” to train in.

Nike is also expected to be looking at other opportunities in the region.

The Dutch Government has committed to creating a $250 million “training hub” to help develop young people with the sport of mixed martial arts.

In a statement, Nike said it will also look to “build new partnerships” with the region’s sports organisations and the local government.

Nike, which has a 25 per cent stake in the training centre’s operator, said it would “be proud to work with local governments to support the growth of our training facilities and support the continued development of our brand.”

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