What’s next for Pokemon GO?

What’s next for Pokemon GO?

The newest addition to Pokemon GO is a new type of map, a feature that lets players explore a whole new region in their smartphones.

Pokemon GO has been in development for a while, but its first beta version was released last year.

It’s now been updated for the second beta version, and it’s not the same as the first.

Pokemon Go 2.0, a brand new feature introduced with Pokemon GO 1.0 last year, adds a new region called “Kanto.”

That region is not the original region, but rather the area around Gyms, Pokestops, and Gyms located in Kanto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Sinnoh-Kalos.

Pokemon will still be able to go to these areas, but there are now more landmarks that make them more convenient to explore.

Pokemon have also been given a new area called “Pokestops,” which is not in the original Pokemon GO.

Instead, Pokemon GO 2.1 adds Pokestop stations.

These Pokestopps are a large set of small, brightly colored tiles that players can explore.

The locations are hidden from view, but players can use the gyms and gyms themselves to make it easy to locate these Pokestamps.

There are four Pokestamp stations in each area, and players can make up to four Poketops in each map, with the option to create a Poketop of up to five Poketopes.

Players can also create their own Poketopped area using the Poketopps they’ve collected in previous updates.

Each area is unique, and each area also has different Pokémon in it.

Players have to collect certain Pokémon to enter the area, but the game also allows players to “catch” the Pokémon to have them appear in their Poketoped area.

For example, players can capture the Legendary Mewtwo to create an area called the Legendary Pokemon Hall, and then they can create an entire Poketopy of Mewtwo that they can use to create their area.

Players will also have the option of creating a Pokemon Gyms and Poketopping area.

Pokemon Gym and Pokestopping areas are also available in a number of other areas, including Sinnoh Town, Kalos City, Route 1, Route 2, Route 3, and Route 4.

The new areas will be made available to players in an update coming next week.

There’s no word on when or if Pokemon GO will be available in other countries.

Pokemon are one of the few games that’s managed to maintain its popularity over the last couple of years.

The latest Pokemon GO update has already seen huge sales, and has since sold more than 9.8 million copies.

Nintendo and developer Niantic are already working on a second update that adds new features and improvements to Pokemon Go.

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