When do Israelis learn to live with Palestinians?

When do Israelis learn to live with Palestinians?

An Israeli government report released Tuesday says that the training of Israeli soldiers is “not a one-time event,” and that it is only the start of a gradual process that will be “intensified over time.”

The report says that Israeli forces are training to be ready to respond to an attack on the country’s civilian population, including those living within the occupied West Bank.

“It’s not a one time event,” the report reads, “and it will be intensified over time and under the command of the prime minister.”

The Israeli army has a long history of committing crimes against Palestinians, including the systematic kidnapping and killing of tens of thousands of Palestinians during the Nakba in 1948.

In recent years, the Israeli military has been accused of carrying out systematic killings of Palestinians, in the form of collective punishment, and torture.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is seeking a fifth term as prime minister in 2019, has long vowed to stop the systematic murder of Palestinians.

In February, the government published a report by the Joint Terrorism Task Force that documented more than 500 instances of attacks against Palestinians in the occupied territories in 2016.

At the time, the report concluded that the crimes against the Palestinians are not a new phenomenon, but that Israel’s continued occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip has “not yet met its obligations to defend the people of the Palestinian people.”

The new report does not refer to the Nakbaz massacre, which occurred in late September 2016, nor does it include details about other attacks carried out by Israeli forces in recent years.

However, the army has long been accused by human rights groups of committing a number of atrocities against Palestinians.

The report comes just months after the military announced that it would end the “separation barrier” between Israel and the West of the occupied Palestinian territories.

The “separate but equal” barrier, which is built on land claimed by the Palestinians but which has been occupied by Israel, was widely criticized by Palestinians.

Earlier this year, a UN report accused Israel of carrying “an unprecedented and systematic pattern of violation of the right to self-determination of the Palestinians in violation of international humanitarian law.”

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