Why are people so excited about a train clipart contest?

Why are people so excited about a train clipart contest?

In May, Google had a contest to design and submit their train clips, a series of images that would be displayed on Google Maps and other services.

The goal of the contest was to encourage more people to take up this new platform for travel.

But the train clips have had an even bigger impact than that. 

“People are really excited about the idea of using Google Maps, but they’re also looking to make the trip as quick and easy as possible,” says Amanda Condon, the editor-in-chief of the travel site Triton. 

Ms Condon says the idea has spread to the entire train station. 

She says people are also making trips using Google Transit and have taken a trip with a friend or family member. 

The idea of the Train Clipart Contest was also shared on Twitter, where one user tweeted a picture of a man on a train with a message saying, “It’s been a while since I was on the train, and I’d like to know why I’m still standing in this line.” 

Another user tweeted: “My train went by at 1:23 am.

It’s 1:21 in the morning and I’m stuck in this boring line.”

The idea has also been used by people who work in the tourism industry to draw inspiration from travel, such as a man who was in his home town of Perth when he saw a photo of an orange train on a website.

“I realised I was in the wrong place because I was a tourist.

The idea of someone walking along a train track with a train in the background is really inspirational,” Ms Condon said.”

It’s about finding ways to create new experiences, whether it’s a short trip with your family, or taking a group trip.”

Ms Croydon says the project has also helped people to see their city in a different way.

“When people get to know each other in the city, they’ll find that the way they think about a place has changed and they’ll be able to appreciate the quality of the places they’re living in,” she said. 

More to come.

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