Why do puppy trainers hate their jobs?

Why do puppy trainers hate their jobs?

By now you’re probably familiar with the stories of puppies who have been taken in by owners who claim to be training them to be more independent.

It’s a phenomenon that has seen puppies and their owners treated with a great deal of disdain.

In fact, the owners of puppy training courses have been sued by people who claim they have mistreated the animals and have suffered financial losses.

The phenomenon is particularly problematic for people who want to breed dogs for specific purposes such as helping their pet’s health or for training their own dogs.

In some cases, the owner of a dog will be reluctant to adopt the puppy unless it has been trained to be independent.

And if the dog is an expensive puppy, the dog owner might decide it’s better to keep the dog rather than risk being ripped off.

According to one survey of puppy trainers, nearly 80 percent of owners of training dogs say that they are unhappy with the way they are handling the puppies.

According the study, 73 percent of respondents believe that the puppies are not being adequately treated and that they should have been trained in a different way.

A majority of respondents also feel that the owners are not following proper procedures for the puppies to be kept.

The researchers believe that this is a result of a number of factors, including the fact that puppy training is becoming increasingly popular in the U.S. and around the world, especially among puppy mills.

In the United States, more and more puppy mills are opening up, and it is a popular way for puppy mills to sell their puppies, as well as to keep up with demand.

The problem is that the laws in the United State are not as clear as in Europe, which means that puppy mills must comply with a lot of the same regulations as a real estate or medical office, such as requirements for training and testing, and that is expensive.

In this situation, the only way to deal with this is to have a system that is more efficient and safe, and this is where breeders come in.

The researchers believe there are two types of breeders.

The first type of breeder is the person who buys a puppy and then tries to train it.

They often offer the puppy for sale for a price that is very high, usually up to $10,000.

It is very common for people to pay this much for a puppy.

The second type of breeder is the owner who buys the puppy from a puppy mill and tries to take care of it.

This type of dog trainer has to be able to control the puppies and get them to behave themselves, but they also need to be very careful with the animals.

In other words, the person buying the puppy has to make sure that the dog behaves and behaves well and that the owner can handle the puppies without problems.

The owners have to pay a lot more for the training than the puppy mill, but these people are the ones who will actually do the work to train the puppy.

In Europe, it’s much easier to get a puppy from the breeder, and the breeders are not regulated by the same standards.

The breeders also have to take great care with the puppies, and there is no legal obligation to keep them in a good state of health.

This means that they can also be very lax in how they treat the animals, such that puppies may end up being abused.

One reason for this is that in the EU, it is legal for people, especially in the Netherlands, to breed puppies for a certain number of puppies.

So if there are enough puppies available, they can choose between breeding more or fewer puppies, or they can breed a certain amount of puppies and then leave them at home.

It means that breeders have to do a lot to keep a puppy safe from abuse.

In fact, this type of breeding is also very popular in Japan.

In Japan, it was once considered a good idea to breed small puppies.

But the government began cracking down on puppy breeding in 2006.

The government began restricting the breeding of small puppies, which resulted in a massive decline in the number of small pups that could be bred.

The result was that the number and quality of small-sized puppies began to decline.

The only reason that small-pups could be produced is that breedors could afford them, and small-size puppies can also sell for a lot less.

In Japan, the breedable dog is a very expensive product.

The breeder usually has to pay about 10,000 to 15,000 yen (US$1,000-2,000) for a single dog, which is quite a lot for a pup.

In addition to the financial costs of the puppy, it has to undergo a lot testing to ensure that the puppy is the same size and shape as the owner’s own puppy.

It can also undergo a medical examination.

The breeders in Japan are also required to follow a number, depending on the size of the breed.

In addition, the breacher also has to keep an eye on the puppy’s

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