Workout waist trainers may have you losing your mojo

Workout waist trainers may have you losing your mojo

A new type of waist trainer has hit the market.

It is the first waist trainer to offer a ‘bodyweight’ workout.

The product is called Bodyweight Workout and it is made by a US company.

It promises to help you lose fat while maintaining muscle.

In the video, the trainer is seen working on the back of his waist with the company’s head-mounted trainer.

“This is one of the first workout trainers that has a bodyweight training feature,” the video shows.

“It’s basically a head-worn, full body exercise machine.”

The product comes in three versions: Bodyweight, Full Body, and Power.

The company says the bodyweight version will be available by the end of the year.

The first version costs $999.95 and will work with any Fitness Hub smartphone app.

It has a head mounted, wireless, vibration sensor that detects when a user lifts their head up.

It uses a system of sensors and sensors on the user’s head to monitor the amount of energy that is being expended in the workout.

This can be monitored with the user choosing how much energy is being burned, how fast they are lifting, and how much pressure they are being placed under.

The trainer has sensors that detect how much muscle mass is being lost and how fast it is being regained.

The device also tracks calories burned and how long it takes to recover.

The system has two buttons: one on the front that allows the user to start the workout and the second on the side that lets them know when they are done.

The battery is a rechargeable, water-resistant battery that can last for up to five hours of continuous use.

The devices are made of anodised aluminium and are sold for $399.95.

The products are also available on Amazon for $599.99.

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